Sewage Treatment

Effluent Treatment

Water Treatment


The Inclined Plate Clarifier/Tube Settler is designed for efficient removal of settleable suspended Solids from water. The design and the performance are superior to other Plate and Tubular Type Clarifiers. It is compact and occupies only quarter of the floor space of Conventional Clarifiers.

Flow enters the Inlet Chamber; the orifice further directs the flow evenly through the Tube Pack Assembly. Tube Pack consists of a set of smooth surfaced Polypropylene Plate/PVC assembled in Packs. The Tube Packs are arranged inside in a slanting position to enable the solids to fall or slide through the Plate to the bottom and clean water to rise over the plates and pass through the launder to the Treated Water Tank. The Tube Pack will direct the Solids to the Bottom Sludge Chamber of the Clarifier. It will be removed by a connected Sludge Pump.


  Overflow of Plate Settler  
  Secondary Clarifier