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Far more precious than gold or silver, a little more crucial than petrol and as vital as oxygen, yes, we're talking about water. Today we know that 75% of the world's fresh water resources are contaminated. The remaining is fast disappearing. Soon how well we live will depend on how well we conserve water. Thankfully technology has advanced enough to offer us choices in water conservation.

One of the most reliable way to do that is by recycling water. Today, we at Unitech Water Technologies present you a reliable method to recycle water through our superior, pre-fabricated packaged waste water treatment plants. These plants have the capacity to completely treat and cleanse waste water and make is suitable for various activities like Landscaping, Floor Washing, Gardening, A/C Cooling Tower and Toilet Flushing applications. They truly lend a helpful hand in reducing the load on natural water resources.

The effluent treatment plants are designed by a team of renowned engineers and scientists who've specialized in waste water management. Therefore taking in all the problems faced by current efforts to treat waste water, they've come up with solutions that are on the cutting edge of recycling water. Taking all parameters like technology, space, cost and power consumption, these plants come out on the top!

Using newly discovered methods like high rate clarifier coagulation, precipitation with special polymer, rotating ecorotor, bacterial augmentation and bio-media clarification. These techniques have resulted in better efficiency and reduction of weight and power consumption.

The technology ensures drastic savings in power consumption by almost 60% and in operation and maintenance cost as well. The much reduced sludge can be converted into vermicomposts and used as organic fertilizers for gardening and farming. The use of high grade FRP makes the entire plant very strong yet, exceptionally light, compact and portable. The special use of friendly bacteria makes the plant eco-friendly and completely odour free.

UWT offer turnkey solution as well as supplies a wide range of tailor-made pollution control equipments to suit the clients needs for compliance to the most stringent effluent discharge that specified by the pollution control authorities.

The main area of operation includes design & engineering, execution of project and manufacturing of equipments/systems for treatment of water & wastewater including its reuse. A wide range of process as well as equipment/system choice is available to enable custom design of system to meet individual’s needs in the area.


  ETP’s/Wastewater Treatment : Industry Covered
  but Agro Based
  but Brewery
  but Veg & Oil refinery
  but Soft Drink Industry
  but Distillery
  but Dairy
  but Paper Mills
  but Dyeing Bleaching
  but Chemical
  but Pharmaceuticals
  but Textile
  but Meat processing
  but Tar distillation
  but Ice cream
  but Food Processing