Sewage Treatment

Effluent Treatment

Water Treatment


The method for treatment of sewage or in other words the treatment will follow the principle of Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Process. In this process the whole waste is passed through an Anaerobic Lagoon where the Effective Micro-organism (EM) will be dosed on a fixed dosing pattern. The bacterial strains of EM will form a sludge blanket at the bottom of the tank within 2025 days time the load on the tanks will come down substantially. The Anaerobic Lagoon will then be filled with the millions of small granules or particles of sludge consisting of bacterial strains of EM. These sludge particles are held in a blanket and provide a large surface area on which organic matter are attached and undergo bio-digestion or biodegradation. A high solid retention time (SRT) occurs within the tank. The total treatment process and the operation involve no usage of mechanical equipment, less manpower requirement and case of operation. From this tank sewage will overflow into Aeration Lagoon, where Floating Surface Aerators will be provided for proper oxygenation & mixing. From this tank sewage will overflow into Stabilization Pond and finally treated water will be discharged to nearby Canal.


Advantages of the Technology

1] Low Project Cost

2] Minimum Operating Cost

3] Easy & Minimum Maintenance

4] Can Handle Shock Load and wide variation in pH